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Carrot Snuffle Mat

Product Features:

  • Encourages Attentive Play

  • Mentally Stimulating & Boredom-busting

  • Behavior Modification Training

  • Prevents Choking

  • Helps Reduce Stress

Keep Your Dog's Brain Active & Stimulated

Let your dog spend oodles of time finding the yummy treats and kibbles hidden between the pieces of polar fleece. The mat is fully machine washable.

Our Carrot Snuffle Mat is the perfect way to stimulate your pet's foraging instincts, engaging mind and body, and encouraging their natural skills. It's an interactive enrichment puzzle, used to help refine the search and find skills.

Slows Down A Speedy Eater & Prevents Choking

Hide some dry food/treats in the folds of your Carrot Snuffle Mat and watch your dog hunting them by using their "sniffing skills" to locate the tasty stuff. The mat is not only are energy consumers and boredom-killers but also function as slow feeding toys to prevent your dog from gulping down food in a jiffy. The slow feeding process reduces the speed of eating by 5x - 10 x and 10 minutes of snuffling is approx. equivalent to 1 hour of running!