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Interactive IQ Dispenser

Product Features:

  • Safe For All Pets

  • Made With Durable Materials

  • Stimulates Active & Healthy Lifestyle

  • Lightweight & Portable Design

Get Smarter Overtime

Our Interactive IQ Dispenser can make your furry little ones smarter progressively! The interaction of the food dispensing ball trains your pets, in reacting towards smelling and hearing created by the pet food within the ball, increasing its mental capability.

Healthy Feeding Lifestyle

Our Interactive IQ Dispenser was designed to prevent rapid eating and will limit the number of treats fed to your pets. This ensures that your pets are not overeating and are actively doing physical exercise to make sure they are healthy at all times.

Application Method

Crafted out of a high-quality ABS plastic, our Interactive IQ Dispenser can withstand even the mightiest of jaws and claws. Non-toxic and odorless, it’s the safest toy you can give to your pets.

Step 1 - Open the lid of the IInteractive IQ Dispenser and fill it with pet food for your pets.

Step 2 - Unlock the switch on the side to enable the leaky hole to be opened.

Step 3 - Let your pet have fun!