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LED Self Rotating Ball

Product Features:

  • Colorful & Attractive Design

  • Built-in Kitten's Favorite Catnip

  • Automatic 360° Rotation & Shutdown

  • USB Rechargeable Design

Keep Your Cat Happy & Healthy

Keep your pet busy and active with our LED Self Rotating Ball. This ball is made of food-grade plastic which is remote control activated. It can start, stop, change directions, bounce or flash in 7 different colors. It can be preset up to 6 hours, in which case it will run for 30 minutes, stop for 10 minutes and then again repeat the cycle.

Grab Your Cat's Attention

Our LED Self Rotating Ball comes with a bell and feather which will attract your cat's attention, motiving your cat to play, bringing out your furry friend's innate hunting skills and helping them to keep in top shape! Great for when your cat is home alone, this interactive cat toy will start automatically. Its sphere shape and self-balancing system design make the ball change direction automatically when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc.