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Smart Remote Toy

Product Features:

  •  Equipped With LED Colorful Wheel
  • Multi-irregular Racing Track

  • Powerful Torque Drive

  • Avoid The Obstacles Automatically

Advanced AI Technology

Keep the hunting instinct of your cat & ensure his/her health our Smart Remote Toy. This toy will keep your furbaby away from boredom. It is a robotic cat ball that rolls in random directions to keep your cat running and catching it. It has smart induction technology that detects obstacles and automatically changes its direction.

Fun Times Like Never Before

The feather or cotton ball on its tail will make sure to get your cat's attention and stimulates him/her to catch it. Our Smart Remote Toy also features a default mode to automatically run for 10 minutes every 1.5 hours to ensure your cat will be active when you're away.

Endless Benefits

Work Intelligently - It works 10 minutes every 1.5 hours, so your cat will not be exhausted but will ensure your cat will be active when you're away.

Built-in Sensor - Powerful sensor chip to recognize various obstacles and automatically avoids so runtime is smooth.

Irregular Running - It is independent wheels rolls and steers in different directions randomly.

DIY Tails Available - The package 2 sticks with feathers and a cotton ball, you can also DIY some toys to keep fresh & attract your cat.

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