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Sniffing Stress Release Mat

Product Features:

  • Helps Release Stress & Relax

  • Easy To Clean & Portable Design

  • Anti-pilling Fleece Materials

  • Available For Hand/Machine Wash

  • 2 Durable Straps To Fix Mat In Place

Healthy Slow Food Feeder

Our Sniffing Stress Release Mat can hide dog food, which helps control dogs' eating speed to prevent choking. Your furry friends will never get bored finding treats with this mat. Furthermore, it exercises your dog’s mind & provides fun physical & mental training.

Snuffle Training

Our Sniffing Stress Release Mat enables you to let your pets use their powerful sense of smell to find treats hidden in the mat, arousing their natural foraging instinct and keeping their noses working by mimicking hunting food in nature.

Premium Quality & Easy To Clean

Made from quality non-woven, soft, non-toxic and tear-resistant material, our Sniffing Stress Release Mat is a safe way to entertain your pet while also improving his/her eating habits. Furthermore, the rope and buckle design allow for easy storage by enabling you to hang the mat on the wall or in any vertical space.