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Snuffle Ball Dog Puzzle

Product Features:

  • Mentally Stimulating

  • Slows Down Fast Eaters

  • Encourages UInenthusiastic Eaters

  • Provides Stimulation For Older Dogs

  • Helpful To Calm Down Dogs

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle While Having Fun

Let's Play! Our Snuffle Ball Dog Puzzle is perfect for play time. Dogs can shake them, toss them and play fetch to their heart's content. Snuffle balls can also be used as a game at treat time. Hide small treats within the fleece strips of the ball for your dog go to find. It is also a great enrichment activity for your dog to work their brains as they sniff and nose out the treats.

Easy To Use & Clean

Our Snuffle ball Dog Puzzle is made from 100% polyester fleece material and tied in the center with an industrial-grade zip tie for durability and strength. To clean your snuffle ball, just shake it out or after some super slobbery play, snuffles can be machine washed. (*Please note: Machine washing may stretch the fleece strips. Using a garment bag is recommended.)