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Tug & Pull Suction Cup

Product Features:

  • Clean Teeth Effectively

  • Improves Intelligence & Vitality

  • Strong Suction Potential

  • Durable & Food-grade Materials

The Only Item That Your Pet Needs

Most dogs, especially puppies love having something to bite. This means chewed-up papers, furniture, and even painful ankle-bites. Our Tug & Pull Suction Cup satisfies their need to bite and teaches them what is alright for them to bite and what is not, preventing them from chewing up your priceless furniture while training their agility at the same time.

Specially Designed For Your Furry Friend

Featuring a strong suction base and a thick, braided rope, that was built to withstand any amount of tension caused due to stretching. Our Tug & Pull Suction Cup does not snap or come off no matter how hard your dog tugs at it and can handle even aggressive chewers. It gives your dog hours of fun as he/she tries to figure out what this mysterious, super-strong toy is.

Clean Your Dog's Teeth Effectively

The rugged pattern on the rubber ball provides a better grip and chewing on it promotes dental hygiene and health in dogs. Add some dog-friendly toothpaste to clean your dogs’ teeth as they are playing.